Tonic backcombs Blonde Afro identity

Tonic has designed the identity for London-based marketing and public relations start-up Blonde Afro, launched for the dotcom sector two months ago.

Blonde Afro, described as a “no frills” marketing business, was set up by Georgie Naumann to provide dotcom groups with a more dynamic approach to brand representation and event marketing.

Tonic, which will be creating a minimalist Blonde Afro website, was appointed on the strength of its understanding of the brand, says Naumann. Blonde Afro’s logo twists the company’s initials into a single marque.

“The identity had to reflect our proposition of bridging the gap between lifestyle-conscious youth culture and the corporate world of the dotcom. We are about creating ‘real’ environments for ‘virtual’ products, something Tonic understands,” she says.

Naumann adds: “We combine conventional methods with new marketing innovations to ensure e-business market penetration and dominance. Our focus is presence and longevity within the marketplace.”

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