We must find a way to promote the role of wayfinding…

I was very interested in your piece on wayfinding (Comment, DW 17 January). As this is our speciality, I can wholly concur with your thoughts.

I am always surprised at the low level of interest in wayfinding shown by other industries.

At Inside Information, we are proud to be leaders in corporate/workplace design and wayfinding. It is surprising to see the common perception of wayfinding as merely a bolt-on of little benefit, something that needs to be completed to get the job done.

You are absolutely right. Effective wayfinding, if done correctly and skilfully, can be the final dovetail of many disciplines and, we believe, makes a building communicate and operate fully, efficiently and inspirationally.

Once they are made aware of the tangible benefits through skilful implementation, clients recognise the positive advantages of wayfinding. If these advantages were also recognised by other sectors of our industry, then finished projects would naturally work better, to the benefit of all.

Paul Stirling, Director, Inside Information, by e-mail

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