Consortiums allow for broad specialisation

I read Matthew Valentine’s article (DW 18 July) about the Science Museum Wellcome Wing with some satisfaction. It is interesting to find a client requesting an approach which some of us have been advocating for quite a while.

In fact, precisely such a consortium already exists here in Edinburgh and encompasses those disciplines identified by Tim Molloy. Operating under the name Dandelion, the group consists of my own company: A Slight Shift, interpretative consultant and producers of all forms of audio-visual media; Millhouse, graphic design, typography and signage; Lee Boyd Partnership, architecture, interior, exhibition and furniture design. We have also established a close working relationship with specialists in a number of other disciplines such as lighting design, landscape architecture and technical consultancy, all of which may be crucial to a project.

We firmly believe that in the world of rapidly developing technology and audience aspiration, this is the only really viable approach.

Michael Wolchover

A Slight Shift

Edinburgh EH3 6QA

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