Plume sports winning look

Plume’s work for Supersport Asia followed on from the corporate identity it created for the Supersport Channel in Scandinavia.

The client, International Broadcasting Corporation, resurrected the channel in Asia and will be in competition with networks like Star and Astro.

The nine sequences feature different sports, although the client did not want to get trapped into showing the actual activity. The main identity has a ‘hero’ ribbon which winds around a column. The nine sports represented include darts, motor racing and US wrestling WWF.

‘It’s about winning,’ says Plume creative director Richard Morrison. He worked on the project with senior designers David Cheung and Don Seed.

The computer graphics feature textures of glass and fabrics, and the computer animation was by Drum.

The sequences are international in feel, having no cultural reference to the Asian audience. ‘They look towards the US and Europe, not their own cultural references,’ says Morrison. ‘They think “Coca Cola”. We try to fight against that all the time… I’m hoping in the next few years that will change,’ he adds.

Supersport Asia launches in September, with the identity applied to printed material and banners.

Designer: Plume Productions

Client: International Broadcasting Corporation

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