BBC broadcasts its design roster

Twenty-eight groups have secured places on the BBC’s first formalised design roster following a two-year selection process.The roster is divided into four categories and runs for three years.

Attik, Lambie-Nairn and Wolff Olins have been confirmed as the three ‘channel branding’ suppliers, while the latter, Fitch London and The Partners will advise on ‘major strategic design projects’. Imagination and Landor Associates missed out from those originally shortlisted (DW 25 April 2002).

Seventeen groups occupy the ‘tactical design’ category and eight, including Blue Source, Clinic, Duffy and The Farm, have been chosen for future ‘youth’ projects.

According to a BBC spokeswoman, the selection process took longer than anticipated because of the volume of response – there were 212 submissions for the strategic design category alone.

The first significant tranche of work is likely to come from BBC Worldwide, the corporation’s growing overseas operation. Around half a dozen channels, including BBC Food which launched in Scandinavia last month (Lambie-Nairn-designed identity pictured), broadcast to more than 550 million homes via satellite and cable subscriptions.

Natural Associates, appointed to the tactical roster, is working on ‘pre-marketing material’ for a putative ‘BBC Style’ package for Europe, though the project is at a very early stage.

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