Morgans Hotel redesigns with Andreé Putman

New York’s iconic Morgans Hotel will next month unveil a contemporary new look created by interior designer Andrée Putman.The French designer first crafted the Madison Avenue site’s dramatic black-and-white interior

The rise of Berlin’s retail gothic

Long dominated by shabby chic, low-key interiors, Berlin’s retailers have lately adopted a wittier design aesthetic. John Stones takes a look at Geometry, a new menswear store which features a

Bridge bonanza

What, exactly, is a bridge for? Crossing some obstruction to get from one point to another, in a functional kind of way? Don’t be so naive. These days bridges are

A touch of glass

Cast, blown, etched, engraved, slumped, fused – glass offers designers huge scope for decorative and functional forms, and that excludes its architectural potential. With several recent exhibitions and innovative, eye-catching

Head light

Excess is a byword in rock’n’roll, but in these eco-conscious times can concert lighting still make an impact without damaging the planet? Bands like Radiohead are taking the lead with


Sustainable Development Commission chairman Jonathon Porritt says designers must cure themselves of ‘client dependency syndrome’ to further sustainable design. Is CDS debilitating, and what is the remedy? As an industry

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