Design Museum stages This Happened interaction talk

Interaction design event This Happened will take place this month at the Design Overtime festival, held at the Design Museum.This Happened is a series of talks aimed at opening up a dialogue and creating a greater understanding of the stories behind multimedia and interaction design.The project encourages people to share information on concepts and production […]

Haunch of Venison makes New York debut

UK contemporary art gallery Haunch of Venison is making its first foray into the US market, with the opening of a space designed by Steven Learner Studio.It is Haunch of Venison’s first major venture since being controversially acquired by international auction house Christie’s last year.Final touches are being put to the 1860m2 exhibition space located […]

Morgans Hotel redesigns with Andreé Putman

New York’s iconic Morgans Hotel will next month unveil a contemporary new look created by interior designer Andrée Putman.The French designer first crafted the Madison Avenue site’s dramatic black-and-white interior back in 1983, forging the brand’s reputation for design-led, understated chic within the luxury hotel market.Putman’s latest redesign remains faithful to the hotel’s trademark monochrome […]

The rise of Berlin’s retail gothic

Long dominated by shabby chic, low-key interiors, Berlin’s retailers have lately adopted a wittier design aesthetic. John Stones takes a look at Geometry, a new menswear store which features a ‘mad professor’ look with a skeletal twistThink Berlin and a certain alternative style comes to mind. From the subcultures that developed in Kreuzberg to the […]

Bridge bonanza

What, exactly, is a bridge for? Crossing some obstruction to get from one point to another, in a functional kind of way? Don’t be so naive. These days bridges are high-design objects, collaborations between architects and engineers. They frequently meander and incorporate seating and look-out platforms – like the new Castleford bridge, following the course […]

A touch of glass

Cast, blown, etched, engraved, slumped, fused – glass offers designers huge scope for decorative and functional forms, and that excludes its architectural potential. With several recent exhibitions and innovative, eye-catching graduate work, Hannah Booth wonders if this area is fast becoming the hottest creative disciplineBlame Swarovski if you like, but years after the trend for […]

Head light

Excess is a byword in rock’n’roll, but in these eco-conscious times can concert lighting still make an impact without damaging the planet? Bands like Radiohead are taking the lead with hi-tech LEDs to achieve more with less, says Nick SmurthwaiteAfter years of profligacy, rock concert designers and promoters are finding eco-friendly ways of mounting shows […]

Co-design should be considered a benefit, not a threat

The issue of free-pitching has again raised its head. As the national strategic body for design, we are opposed to free-pitching and always ensure that whenever we commission creative work, it is paid for. Through programmes such as Designing Demand, we actively and unambiguously promote best practice. However, what is more troubling from discussions in […]

Designer-thinking alone will fail to tackle crime

As reported in ‘Criminal opportunities’ (DW 10 July), Sebastian Conran of the Home Office’s Design and Technology Alliance says design can tackle broader crime-related issues including youth and knife crime. Since time immemorial, the designer and thief have been in a cat-and-mouse game outwitting and out-innovating each other. We have all benefited from this and […]


Sustainable Development Commission chairman Jonathon Porritt says designers must cure themselves of ‘client dependency syndrome’ to further sustainable design. Is CDS debilitating, and what is the remedy? As an industry we have, for too long, hidden behind the excuse of not having the time or resources to learn about sustainability. Our clients face some very […]

Pitching for an industry standard we can all endorse

While agreeing with the Design Business Association and the Chartered Society of Designers about changing the culture of free-pitching being an accepted norm, Anti Copying In Design is aware that critics might say it’s easy for design bodies to take the moral high ground. A potential pot of gold is always tempting, but beware – […]

Inspired, Bryan Clark – University College Falmouth

Finding the unique, noticing the ignored and looking where others do not dare are some of the pointers that can help crack a design problem. The adventure of travelling to the places we visit to discover a solution can make for an exciting journey, opening new horizons and places for design thinking in the process; […]

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