Harrods hints at design direction

Harrods is working on a raft of design-led projects to evolve the brand and refresh the retail store environments across its departments. This could involve collaboration with outside design groups.

The series of projects is being overseen by creative director Susanne Tide-Frater, former head of creative direction at Selfridges. She was appointed to the newly created role last year (DW 2 September 2004).

Details of the design solutions are being kept under wraps, as many of the initiatives are still in the early stages.

Tide-Frater confirms the Harrods brand is being ‘looked at’, explaining that the reworked identity ‘will not be about revolution’ but will bring out the best of the current brand.

The majority of Harrods branding work is currently handled in-house, but there is a decision process underway on whether to bring consultancies on board to assist brand development. Harrods has an internal team of copywriters, graphic designers and editors.

The retailer is also currently looking at profiling departments to assess shopper flow, with the aim of boosting customer experience. The strategy could affect product selection and presentation.

Harrods is working with The Nest to create a sub-brand for a series of one-off in-store events to take place in the autumn.

The company has also announced plans to launch a personal shopping service, By Appointment, in June.

A new first floor area designed by Four IV is being dedicated to the service.

Four lV also consulted at different stages of the project to help create the By Appointment iden-tity, confirms a spokeswoman for Harrods.

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