We were asked last year to create a campaign for the Magnum 5 Senses limited edition ice creams, which launched on Monday, and we were immediately struck by how difficult it is to express the senses through the mediums of TV and print. We were similarly struck, day in, day out, for the next couple of weeks until we reached that terrible point where we realised the answer was definitely not in the office. You can’t really tell someone how to be sensual. So we went for a walk. It was a lovely late summer day and as we walked through the park there was a flash shower. As the rain hit the hot tarmac it rose up as steam. The sight, sound and smell was invigorating and you only had to look at it for it to evoke sense memories. So it came to us that we could create a journey through the senses by provoking them rather than showing them. Bruno Aveillan, the director, was also originally a graphic designer and he approached the commercials from the point of view of a fantastically designed cookbook. I remember Ben Casey once telling me about inspiration, ‘Don’t read Creative Review, read gardening magazines (…or something).’ But don’t tell anyone I told you.

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