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David Badock

In a world of endless online reviews, faceless recommendations and a bombardment of blogs filled with bits that someone else has Ffffound, nothing inspires me more than a good old-fashioned chat with a scattering of friends.

Recently, I queued for the Museum of London’s street photography exhibition, but due to demand I only reached the café. As I was tucking into my sarnie (ham and cheese – an undisputable classic) I wondered if everyone here had been inspired to go, as I had been, by chatting to a mate in a pub the previous evening.

Talking to people, hearing friends’ stories and their excitement and enthusiasm for things they’ve seen and places they’ve been is by far my biggest influence. Put it this way, I’m a lot more likely to listen to an opinion I trust than a thumbs-up from Designmeister 45.

As the guy out of Roger Rabbit always said, ’It’s good to talk.’ And ifyou can mix that with a beer or two in the pub with your mates, what could be more inspiring?
The only thing is, I often have to listen to a lot of rubbish too.

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