Designers Network goes on-line

Product and furniture designers will be able to broaden their knowledge of relevant industry sectors when an on-line information database goes live at the end of June.

The initiative, which is called Designers Network, has been created to encourage designers in these fields to share their knowledge of organisations, suppliers, different market sectors and client contact details.

Access to the information, which will be available free of charge at www.designersnet, will be restricted to designers who contribute to the database.

They will have to submit a minimum of two entries, which could include a list of client contacts and suppliers.

Designers Network founder Christopher Wright says he aims to have signed up 50 designers by the launch of the site and added a further 150 by the end of the year. He claims to have already signed 20 designers.

He says product and furniture designers, in particular, invest considerable time in researching companies and sectors and could all benefit from sharing the knowledge they gain.

“Designers Network is a mutually-beneficial initiative,” he adds. “It opens up opportunities for designers who will no longer be limited in their knowledge of particular areas.”

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