Bill of health

‘An apple a day keeps the doctor away’ runs the old epithet, but our approach to staying healthy and what that really means becomes ever more complex. A growing awareness

Legal briefs are worth the effort

Design groups are missing a trick by not taking advantage of the business opportunities offered by the lifting of ad restrictions on legal firms, says David Carroll

Headline in The Times

Profile: Luke Prowse

Type designer Luke Prowse took on the daunting task of condensing the Times font when the newspaper turned tabloid, a success that has brought a variety of work to Research

Is it time for a tax on wasteful packaging?

After reading your article on corporate responsibility, I was duly greeted by headlines announcing the potential introduction of penalties or rewards for the poor or successful management of household waste.


The Design Week Top 100 survey revealed a bullish year for design, with consultancies reporting turnover up 9 per cent. But, why are design groups still failing to manage their


Trial and admin error

Infuriating bureaucracy puts Adrian Shaughnessy off lecturing. Can’t the universities streamline the booking process for the sake of their students?

Cornish water

News in Pictures

Kristen Messina, set designer for the Ocean’s 13 film, has selected a range of Swarovski Crystal Palace chandeliers to feature in the film’s sets.

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