Where do ideas come from?

Fred Gelli
Tatil Design

Where do ideas come from? The best come when least expected. Sometimes we stumble into them or they ‘invade’ our heads without permission. Staying open to the world around us is essential to experience them.

Our job is to create a ‘magnetic field’ around everything we do, to keep attracting fresh ideas. With each new project we add fresh seasonings to strengthen the recipe, but the main ingredients always reflect our own essence.

We at Tátil Design live in Brazil. Our creative centre is in Rio de Janeiro. Inspiration is everywhere. In the exuberant beauty of forests that meet the sea, and in the chaos of the favelas where you learn to do a lot with very little. Here, to create is a matter of survival.

Our team shares a curious fascination with nature, simplicity and jollity. Bionic solutions to nature’s problems are a route we take everyday. It strengthens our belief that every problem contains its own solution.

We follow design principles such as projecting complete lifecycles that generate the least environmental impact with the minimum use of energy. We like to ‘listen’ to the materials we choose, and never take their ‘personality’ for granted.

For us, to create means putting people first, observing their habits and searching for their hidden desires. Our biggest challenge is to stitch the right ideas together in an innovative way, to surprise and touch the emotions.

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