The Apprentice is a setback for design

I am writing with regard to Jack Stark’s letter. I could not agree more with his comments on the misunderstanding of designers’ job roles in the BBC2 show The Apprentice.

Recently I watched the episode where two teams were asked to create a trainer brand. The methods used to generate the concept were an embarrassment to the design industry. This did not reflect the way a creative project should be tackled.

I fail to see the purpose of broadcasting a show portraying a brand created from scratch, when there are no designers in either team.

It should have been highlighted that some elements of the project do need expertise, and not just the know-how to transfer graffiti scribble into Photoshop.

This lack of skills leaves me wondering whether this TV show has spread a wave of confusion about the role of design. Will people now question its importance for the generation of new brands?

Donovan Payne, Retail design, Criminal clothing, London WC2

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