Worthington leaves a bitter taste for Conran

David Worthington claims to have worked for my design group in the past, although I have no memory of him (DW 18 October). However, if he is happy to answer the phone to potential clients and explain that the company cannot produce Terence Conran and has absolutely no connection with him, then he’s even dafter than Wolff Olins’ impotent goldfish.

The Conran Design Group was formed in 1956, became part of Ryman Conran when we merged in 1967, and was left within Ryman Conran when I extracted Habitat from the group in 1970.

Rodney Fitch bought CDG from the Burton Group, which had acquired Ryman Conran. He sensibly renamed it Fitch. So, if anybody does, it’s Fitch who own the name Conran Design Group.

Can I suggest that David Worthington changes the name again, to the Worthington Design Group. It would make life so much easier for anyone when he answers the phone… if it rings.

Terence Conran

London SE1

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  • Mandy November 30, -0001 at 12:00 am

    Well I remember him working for you so I can only presume this is a hoax

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