Brandhouse WTS packs Rennies

Brandhouse WTS has revamped the packaging of leading indigestion remedy Rennie, as brand owner Roche begins a £2m marketing push this week aimed at people who don’t generally use medicines to relieve the condition.

Rennie currently commands almost 40 per cent of the £100m market for indigestion remedy products in the UK. But Roche OTC category manager Pam Kemp maintains nearly half of all indigestion sufferers don’t take any medication for the problem. ‘[This] represents a huge opportunity to grow the sector’, she says.

Roche hopes to appeal to younger people with a new product, Rennie Soft Chews, as well as redesigning its original brands Rennie Peppermint and Rennie Spearmint.

Indigestion is also being presented as ‘the badge of a full life’ under the strapline ‘Got a life? Got indigestion? Get Rennie’, following a strategy exercise carried out by Brandhouse WTS managing partner Mark Gandy.

The design work, featuring bright red packaging and contemporary graphics, has been created by designer Emma Staveacre.

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