Vario nails Perfect 10 packaging

Vario has revamped the packaging and is working on new product development for nail care brand Perfect 10, which is seeking to brush up its position in a burgeoning market.

Produced by privately owned UK company Original Additions, the brand was first launched in 2000 with a greater emphasis on healthy living than cosmetic appearance. But now other companies, particularly the US-owned Sally Hansen, have unveiled similar products, prompting Perfect 10’s brand review.

‘Looking at the competition two years ago, everything was about remedy,’ says Vario director David Jones. ‘Perfect 10 is based around the well-being of the nail – prevention is better than cure. It’s not about nail painting, nail jewellery or nail extensions.’

Original Additions marketing director Simon Zussman says the brief was to design a new approach to nail treatments. Perfect 10 is derived from ‘a skin care perspective rather than the traditional mechanical approach of applying basic strengtheners’, he adds.

The range has now doubled in size, with hand treatment products as well as pedicure and manicure ‘pampering’ kits.

‘Haircare and skincare used to be miles ahead in terms of women’s beauty regimes, but now nailcare has caught up,’ Jones maintains. The design moves the pack away from ‘premium cosmetic’ to be ‘friendlier’ and suggestive of ‘natural beauty’, he says.

The range will go on-shelf nationally at major multiples by the end of this week. Vario is retained by Original Additions and started the redesign project in spring.

Jones and fellow Vario director Martin Seymour worked on the original launch while working at Light & Coley.

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