Doppler Labs set to launch earphones that can control background noise

It is the tech company’s first sound-morphing product available on the mass market and will allow users to turn up or turn down background noises such as sirens or crying babies.


Doppler Labs has designed a set of sound-customising earphones, which can be used for everything from dealing with an open office to amplifying hearing.

The product includes two wireless bluetooth earbuds and a connected mobile app that use Doppler Labs’ sound-morphing technology.

A limited release of 10,000 of its first generation Hear Active Listening earphones were distributed in January to people including early backers and professional musicians.

Tested out at festivals like Coachella

They had several features, including real-world volume control, EQ and sound effects.

The earphones were tried out at events such as LA music festival, Coachella, where users were able to customise their festival experience by altering sound settings such as the bass level.

While Hear Active Listening received positive feedback when it came to music functionality, the tech company’s focus for the second generation Here One earphones was more on everyday use.

Adaptive filtering and layered listening

Features include highly targeted adaptive filtering, meaning that the wearer will be able to block out or turn down sounds such as sirens or crying babies, as well as layered listening that blends the sound coming from the headphones with the outside world.

This means that in the future you could be watching a baseball game in person while having commentary layered over the top.

Here One goes on sale to the public in November, and will cost $299 (£228).




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  • Julie@screenflex July 11, 2016 at 2:53 pm

    This will be great in the classroom for students that have sound sensitivity issues and for those that are easily distracted. It would be great if a teacher could tap into the app to signal a time to remove the ear buds.

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