To this day I’m not sure why, but as a child I didn’t sleep well. To save their own sleep, my parents gave me a radio and on my behalf tuned it to Radio Four.

At one in the morning the BBC World Service takes over and if you’re lucky enough to be tuned in during the early hours, there’s a whole other world out there.

Oddly soothed and at the same time fascinated by reports of elections, civil wars and peace agreements from far-flung places, I became one of a loyal and global community hooked on the BBC.

All grown up and a sound sleeper, I’m still inspired by the public service role of the BBC.

The BBC contributes daily to the cultural richness of Britain, nurtures new talent (including designers), understands how to appeal to a diverse audience in a changing world with a reassuring quality and consistency and provides comfort and support by providing information, as well as by building and hosting communities of interest.

The BBC makes technology relevant through design and great content, educates us in engaging and credible ways and helps us make better decisions in our lives by offering us opportunities to reflect, making new things seem possible. It even provides practical direction, and all in the name of entertainment.

The BBC is the best kind of public servant because it’s on our side. This inspires me – and I wish all of this of design.

Joe Heapy


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