Code package for Keele University

Manchester group Code has been appointed by Keele University to create two interactive aids, as the university’s Widening Participation division moves to promote higher education in the area.

The digital communications group beat six other consultancies to win the work, worth £100 000.

Keele University’s Widening Participation new media coordinator Kate Fox says Code was briefed to develop a CD-Rom for under-privileged 14- to-16-year-olds and a DVD for their parents, educating them on the practical aspects and benefits of attending university.

She says the work comes after the university found the Stoke-on-Trent area had ‘a very low stay-on rate in terms of higher education’.

For the CD-Roms, Code has opted for an ‘MTV-esque’ format, including a quiz and a trip through a virtual university, says the group’s director, Louis Georgiou.

The DVDs seek to ‘dispel myths about university and show that the initial cost is well worth it in the future’, he adds.

Around 500 CD-Roms will be distributed to schools in Keele next June, with 3000 DVDs going to local libraries and job centres.

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