Powerful imagery of Bodysong

A montage of powerful imagery compiled from newsreels, home movies and classic cinema cuts is at the heart of Bodysong, a cross-media film and website project, featuring a musical score by Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, that launches on Friday. Telling the ‘epic story of love, sex, violence, death and dreams’, Bodysong is the first feature-length production by director Simon Pummell, who previously worked on short films, animations and commercials. Post-production and digital effects are by The Mill, while the Channel 4-supported website – www.bodysong.com – has been designed by James Stone, formerly of Mill Lab and now director at consultancy Engage. Independent Hollywood director Paul Thomas Anderson has described the film as ‘trance-like’ and ‘pretty out there’. It has been given an initial limited release in London, Sheffield and Glasgow.

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