Michelangelo believed David was in the piece of stone that stood before him – all he had to do was get it out.

Three years of his life were devoted to the job of creating the work that left me standing rooted to the spot in Florence 30 years ago. How could it be so inspiring and perfect, and why didn’t a finger or an arm break off as he chiselled away?

I guess to be in a position to create something so perfect and timeless is what we’d all like to do, and for the Renaissance artist the statue of David was only the beginning.

For us in the TV business creating anything that will be remembered for more than five seconds is a growing challenge.

It was easier in the 1970s because television was a lifestyle work choice, a lot of fun and everything was new. You didn’t have to be a Michelangelo to create something that the masses would talk about – at least for a few days.

Television is a business and while there are certainly great opportunities to extract the statue from the stone, time is the element the sculptor had that we still need, if anything we do is to be remembered beyond tomorrow.

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