It’s a shame London Mayor can’t support design across the UK

It’s good to see London Mayor Boris Johnson taking the lead to support the creative sector, although it’s a pity that his remit stops in London (, 24 November).

My guess is that he is in all probability referring to the larger design consultancies in the capital and not the thousands of struggling designers in the UK facing daily red tape and framework contracts which inhibit their ability to compete.

Framework contracts are savaging this industry and favours a few, to the detriment of talented designers who are not in the consultancy loop and trying to make a living from this profession.

Faced with mounting unemployment in the UK, this is an area where central and local government could relax the rules on a tender-by-tender basis to employ all and realise the best of British design.

Johnson seems to have a positive vision, but can he deliver fairness and equality where it is in short supply?

Glyn Parry-Jones, Proprietor, ARK Exhibits, Penarth, Vale of Glamorgan

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