Accreditation is crucial issue for the DBA

Like Chris Ludlow (Letters, DW 29 January), I have been trying hard not to get over excited at the plethora of advice being directed at the Design Business Association and the Chartered Society of Designers sparked off by your anonymous correspondent (Letters, DW 15 January).

However, Andrew Mitchell’s letter touches on the issue of accreditation for designers (Letters, DW 29 January).

This is a fair point and one that needs to go further to include businesses. The design industry more often than not is now supplied by teams, many of whose members are not designers. The professional performance of teams is of particular interest to DBA members and their clients.

I recognise there are differing views within our membership about the practicalities and the value of an accreditation scheme for design business, but it will be discussed at a forthcoming alumni of current and past directors of the association.

Andrew’s contacts are wrong, however, to think of the association as an expense for the elite. We attract members from all spectrums both big and small.

Colin Porter


Design Business Association

London EC1N

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