The time is right for a powerful industry body

There is no question that the people who work for the Design Business Association and the Chartered Society of Designers do so tirelessly and, having served on the DBA board some years ago, I have every sympathy for them especially when they feel sniped at.

However, I do wonder if we should continue to rely on a small pool of people who have some spare time to run the bodies that represent our industry?

I am convinced that the design business is now at its most needy stage. It is more competitive, disparate and complex than ever and it really is time to build our equivalent of the Royal Institute of British Architects – a body respected the world over for its professional standards.

An idea that I have heard privately mooted and do find very interesting, is that it is time to put some powerful, nationally known leaders into these societies, pay them handsomely and watch the industry reap the benefits.

Perhaps the debate really does need opening up and this seems the best place to do it.

Richard Williams

Williams Murray Banks

London W1P

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