Tories hunt for updated image

The Conservative Party is to introduce a new logo this year, as part of a bid to update its image in time for the new millennium.

Design groups will be asked to pitch for the job of designing the logo when ongoing talks on the party’s future presentation strategy have been concluded.

Issues such as symbol, colour and conference presentation are being looked at by the party’s creative forum – a group of creatives including fashion designer Katherine Hamnett, James Bethell of the Ministry of Sound nightclub, and DJ Bruno Brookes. Another meeting is planned later this month.

The process is some way off completion, ensuring the long-standing torch symbol will remain for one more party conference, according to Alex Aiken, Conservative Party assistant director of strategy and campaigning.

“About 80 design groups wrote to us [last year]. We still have all those names and addresses on file. We’ll probably contact them and ask for them to pitch,” he says.

One plan under discussion is to introduce a range of hues instead of the traditional Tory blue for different applications.

The torch logo, developed by the then Michael Peters Group, was introduced in 1989. According to Aiken, a new look is needed for the new century and to reflect changes on the political stage.

Party logos are to be allowed on ballot papers following the introduction of the Registration of Political Parties bill. The move aims to end voters’ confusion between soundalike party names.

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