Nike runs with the anti-heroes

Designers at London’s Me Company are permitted – nay, actively encouraged – to let their imaginations run blissfully wild.

Football star Patrick Kluivert is a crowned, celestial, scarlet Olympian. Football’s cyberpunk monoped transformer (eh?) Edgar Davids plays with his heart, he’s in a hurry, his mother is one of his heroes, he’s another Powerman.

Ronaldo, the “new Pelé”, is a net-burning, orbit-cracking, rocket space probe, and goalkeeper Ronald Wattereus is the Water Giant. He wrecks 50 pairs of gloves a year and likes Van Halen.

The heroes all wear Nike football boots, and these posters and postcards are designed to promote Nike to young Dutch folk.

“We looked at the boots in a super-real way, rather than how they really are,” says Me Company director Paul White. Photos and characteristics were then morphed into caricatures, and the players’ best characteristics were exaggerated. The logo- types are all designed by the Me Company in FreeHand.

How’s this for a New Year’s resolution? Ask the Me Company to get morphing on design industry heroes. Starting with your boss.

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