4 January 2001

UK design aims for higher profile

The design industry’s key representatives have promised a raft of initiatives to bring the profession to greater prominence both at home and abroad in 2001. The Chartered Society of Designers will instate Stephen Hitchins as its new president, clothes designer Jeff Banks as president elect, and Frank Peters as chief executive. It is also launching […]

Design responds to ‘white paper’

Design industry representatives have responded to news that freelance designers could enjoy greater security if a “white paper” from the Federation of Small Businesses is adopted by the Government after the next General Election. The Tutt Consultancy managing director Simon Rhind-Tutt advises that freelance designers should treat themselves as small businesses rather than individual workers, […]

New Year kicks off with sadness and celebration

Christopher Frayling’s well-earned knighthood couldn’t have been better timed – as far as the design community is concerned. Though the Royal College of Art rector has officially received the honour for services to art and design education, it comes nine months into his three-year stint as Design Council chairman and we can expect a man […]

Marcello Minale – Obituary

Marcello Minale was a good man. I first met him while judging the British Design & Art Direction Awards more years ago than I care to remember.

Babyface Allen wants nothing but a girlfriend

Up-for-it, whippersnapper Brandhouse WTS finance manager Paul Allen is grabbing the bull by the horns and volunteering for the pilot episode of new Channel 4 dating show ‘Everything But The Girl’. No doubt hoping he ends up with everything and the girl, Allen, a babe-in-arms at only 22 – well, judge for yourself – has […]

20/20 links up with RPA

London and US retail specialists 20/20 and RPA have launched a joint marketing initiative to give both companies access to each other’s European clients. 20/20 managing director Rune Gustafson strongly denies the move was a disguised merger. “This is about expanding our client base in Europe, sharing of information and building our in-house marketing intelligence […]


Photographer Patrick Sutherland exhibits his work at Spiti: The Forbidden Valley from 10 January until 8 February. Between 1993 and 1998, Sutherland travelled around the Spiti Valley in the Himalayas with two Tibetan monks, witnessing complex Buddhist rituals. The exhibition coincides with the publication of a book of the same name. Venue: The London Institute […]


Royal College of Art rector Christopher Frayling has been knighted in the New Year Honours list, along with industrial design group Renishaw’s chief executive David McMurtry. Design Council chief executive Andrew Summers receives a CMG, Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George, for the promotion of UK design abroad.

Leadership in Design

The Taking a Lead debate asked how to create a strong, unified approach to the needs of the design industry. Lynda Relph-Knight finds everyone wants the same ends; it’s the means that differ

MG gives us a flash of its business tool

Design and communications consultancy Mercier Gray is swallowing its erm, pride, to get a rise out of drink brand managers. Its sexy new business tool aims to help it tap into the drinks market and arouse attention. Gulp! is a pastiche on a soft-porn magazine, complete with painful text, grainy photography and euphemistic headlines – […]


Grand Designs: Creating your Dream Home with Kevin McCloud; Invisible London; Switzerland: a guide to recent architecture

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