Higher fees must tally with higher quality

Package Deals (DW 14 June) was an informative feature. However, the issue of fees seems to be one where designers continue to suffer from an introspective viewpoint and may be worth further examination. Too often, our attitude to fees seems to be in a rut. We hanker after the return to the decadent Eighties, when designers were paid a great deal for producing relatively little of enduring merit. When will we wake up to the fact that those days have gone forever, unless we add value?

Most business people, in my experience, are commercially astute enough to spend money if it will earn them money and, when the difference between a successful launch/relaunch and an unsuccessful one can mean millions of pounds, few are shortsighted enough to cut corners for the sake of a few thousand pounds. However, this is the Nineties, when computers and improved management have brought increased efficiency and supply has overtaken demand.

For these reasons, higher fee levels are only achievable when businesses are persuaded of the increased value they will recoup for the extra cost. Educate them, inspire them with confidence that they will receive leveraged payback and fees won’t be the deciding issue.

Andy Knowles

Jones Knowles Ritchie

London NW1

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