There is something faintly ironic in a graphic design consultancy producing a range of gift products which mostly involve transparency or inflation.

The inclination of designers liberated from a two-dimensional world to create vacuum-packed teddy bears and ‘ray guns’ sealed in inflated bags suggests a witty commentary on the dubious freedoms given by the extra dimension.

Of course, it’s probably no such thing. The products in question are just bloody good fun.

Graphics consultancy Still Waters Run Deep had already discovered the joy of inflatables and vacuum-sealing with their Easter eggs and Valentine’s cards, sold through the Design Museum at the relevant moments earlier this year.

Now the consultancy has taken it a significant step further. It’s launching a mail-order catalogue full of 17 ideal gifts for all those people you never have a clue what to buy.

The catalogue is being launched via a month-long exhibition at cool Covent Garden clothes shop Burro on 16 July. It’s a substantial investment in belief by the consultancy. Will the sales justify the concept?

Consultancy managing and creative director Anita Brightley-Hodges says: ‘We have put our necks on the line a bit. But we have had such a good time doing it.’

The gifts are designed by Jonny Eastwood, the catalogue by Talin Carroll and the exhibition by Ian Lanksbury.

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