Branded weekdays help create that Friday feeling

It’s always good when groups help us out here in the comedy corner. This week’s polka-dot bow tie goes to Redpath head of copy Roger Gray, who’s leaked us an e-mail to his managing director on the PwC Consulting/ Monday rebrand.

‘If a company can brand itself as a day, why can’t we brand a day as a company?’ Gray writes. ‘With its associations of impending brain switch-off, inebriation and long weekends, Friday seems the perfect Redpath day. The cost of naming rights is £5.6bn – well within reach if we can convince our clients to start paying a wee bit more for their brochures.’

Brand extensions to diaries, religious festivals and chocolate bars – ‘Thank Crunchie it’s Redpath’ – await. If that doesn’t toast your bagel, wake up and smell the coffee.

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