Royal Mail posts out new look stamp books created by CDT Design

Royal Mail is to launch revamped stamp books, designed by CDT Design, as part of a drive by the organisation to improve the usability of its products for disabled customers.

The revamp follows an 18-month development phase, which included research with partially sighted customers and arthritis sufferers, says CDT founding partner Mike Dempsey.

Functional changes include a tactile notch to aid partially sighted customers as well as eliminating the outer border to make removal of the stamp easier for arthritic customers.

The covers now match the colour of each stamp as opposed to the generic red previously used and, for the rest of this year, first class books will be gold in celebration of the Golden Jubilee, says CDT designer Christian Altmann.

‘Royal Mail is looking for a less corporate approach and style, and these packs are one way to freshen up the market and achieve greater retail standout,’ he adds.

A spokesman for Royal Mail says the move is part of the organisation’s commitment to a disability friendly policy.

‘We have a Disability Head and are taking other steps to make sure we meet disability discrimination act requirements,’ he says.

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