Ziggurat updates identity for waste group Valpak

Ziggurat has revamped the identity for Valpak, the waste compliance organisation, as it gears up for growth and expansion in the light of further EU regulations on recycling.

The 18-month project included stationery, signage, website, brand guidelines and input into office interior designs, in addition to the new marque.

Valpak is a not-for-profit, membership organisation which manages its members’ recycling obligations and lists most FTSE 100 organisations, including Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Unilever and Proctor & Gamble among its members.

Valpak director of marketing and communications Catherine Montgomery says the organisation lacked a strong identity and needed to strengthen the brand in order to meet the expectations of its members.

‘Over the next few years Valpak aims to expand into new operations and initiatives. We need the new brand to support the challenges of an evolving business,’ she says.

Ziggurat director Adrian Day says the identity also needed to reflect both the organisation’s environmental responsibilities and the business element of its remit.

‘Valpak’s role is to help businesses understand and comply with environmental regulations, and it talks the language of both the commercial world and environmental community. We tried to capture this competence in [the concept of] commercial environmentalism,’ says Day.

The combination of these two elements acted as the creative inspiration for the brand revamp, says Ziggurat creative director Allison Miguel.

‘The environmental and commercial areas are very different, almost opposite forces. Where they come together and meet in the middle you have Valpak. We’ve represented this with the two waves of the marque, where the centre is Valpak and the blue represents business while green represents the environment,’ she says.

This concept has been extended throughout the brand through use of imagery and language, Miguel adds.

Ziggurat did not pitch for the business and the project is the first to come out of the group since Miguel joined as creative director.

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