Emap Fashion’s title Menswear hit the shelves as a monthly last week with a complete redesign by Atelier Works. Editor Sarah Woodhead wanted the magazine to be clear and inspirational. ‘It was important to appeal to a broader readership and show the same degree of innovation through design as the retailers we want to reach,’ she says. The consultancy, led by Quentin Newark, has given Menswear a bolder, brighter, younger image, and it’s now developing templates, says Atelier designer Glenn Howard.

Venture capital company 3i is launching a fast-track approach for management buyouts of up to 5m via a brochure designed by Bluehawk in Sussex. The booklet, with images by award-winning illustrator Geoff Grandfield, is being sent to 6000 potential customers in the Midlands area this week and is likely to be rolled out nationally in the autumn. Bluehawk’s design for the brochure invites interested parties to ‘realise your dreams’. Bluehawk managing director Richard Burton adds: ‘It is aimed at company owners, who may want to sell, and at management teams that may want to buy. We are trying to put a spark between the two parties.’

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