Fitch fashions Oasis brand

Fitch is working on a branding concept for 160-strong fashion chain Oasis, in its bid to be ahead of competition in the cut-throat high street fashion market.

“Our brief is to help Oasis… provide customers with a constant source of ideas and inspiration,” says Fitch senior director Tim Greenhalgh.

Communications director Zuilmah Wallis says the project will see the group examine the entire Oasis brand and then work out how best to apply it to literature, identity and retail interiors.

Wallis says the initial concepts are likely to be drawn up by end of the summer.

Fitch is also working with coffee chain Coffee Republic. “Fitch is looking at ways of emphasising the differences between the quality of product and service of our offer and our competitors,” says Coffee Republic brand and merchandising manager Sahar Hashemi.

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