The International Design Forum East/West: The New Millennium will focus on the development of design and communication in the age of networking and emphasise the role designers will play in meeting global business needs. Speakers come from Canada,

The Netherlands, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Korea and the US, among others.

Contact: MP Asia Pte on 00 65 297 2822 or visit the website at http://www.idf98.com.sg

Venue: Singapore Convention Centre, Halls 403 & 404, Singapore.

The Domus Academy’s Industrial Design Summer session Designing Furniture features a series of lectures and seminars. Speakers include Marc Newson, Renato Stauffacher of Alias and Hella Jongerius of Droog Design. From 13-24 July.

Contact: 00 39 2 477 19155 or email info@domac.it

Venue: The Domus Academy, via Savona 97 20144, Milan, Italy.

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