Minale Tattersfield updates Greek oil identity

Greek petrol retailer Elinoil is introducing a new identity designed by Minale Tattersfield. It is being rolled out across its 350-strong petrol station network.

The revamped design drops the word “oil” from the logo and concentrates on “Elin”, meaning Greek. This word is represented in Greek characters, retaining two bands of blue from the old identity, brightened up to give a more modern and vibrant effect.

Minale Tattersfield partner Simon Simpson says: “The design focuses on clean lines and colours which are particularly suited to the sunny climate, breaking away from the yellows and reds traditionally associated with petrol stations.” He adds that the colours are similar to those used in the Greek islands’ local architecture.

The logo will be applied across the company’s business, including petrol station canopies, petrol pumps, staff uniforms, stationery, petrol tankers and ships.

There are also plans to extend it to the packaging for Elin’s own-brand oil products.

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