Snap! Designs have heads in the clouds

There are only a finite number of good ideas, or so it seems. Turner Duckworth and Hobbins Sides have both come up with a ‘face in the clouds’ solution for two very different projects.

Turner Duckworth’s award-winning Architects of the Air stamps were out last year, while the title sequence for the BBC’s Aviators series, by Hobbins Sides, is a more recent execution.

The similarity between the designs is purely coincidental, according to Andrew Sides of Hobbins Sides. ‘Nobody [in the office] remembers seeing the stamps,’ he says.

And, indeed, the concept is not really new – everybody has stared up at the clouds making out their own images at one time or another.

‘Of course, if the BBC would like any more ideas, they could always come to us,’ says Bruce Duckworth.

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