Who’s responsible for the Blueater identity and logo?

From architecture to literature, from advertising to signs, Bluewater is a wonderful example of creative quality resulting from collaboration – everyone involved has produced the highest calibre of work. We have shared common goals and standards and we all share pride in the results.

For the record: Glazer’s involvement has been to take the Minale Tattersfield “blue horse” symbol, re-draw the horse, re-design the logotype, create a visual language (red roses, green grass, blue water) and develop a corporate identity across all communication – stationery, retail brochures, brand manuals, journals, trade advertising, consumer literature, staff training guides, signs, directory panels, and so on.

I fail to understand why Minale Tattersfield ( Letters, DW 19 February) should think that crediting Glazer with an aspect of corporate identity development should be “misleading”. Unless, of course, it is confusing corporate identity – the expression of who an organisation is and what it promises to deliver – with creating a marque.

Incidentally, the work that appeared in DW 12 February was designed by Fitch not Glazer.

Ian Glazer

Managing director


London W11

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