Ward Cole Brochure By Hodgkinson & Co

‘I’m sure the potential audience will either love it or hate it,’ says Michael Bush, business development manager of structural engineer Ward Cole.

Hodgkinson & Co has created a ‘young, fun and fresh brochure’ for Lincoln-based Ward Cole, the engineers’ first such document for eight years, according to consultancy managing director Andrew Hodgkinson.

Hodgkinson & Co was given an open brief to create a brochure which used the existing corporate identity and provided a fresh look to ‘advance the company – something which doesn’t just arrive in the post and get filed,’ says Hodgkinson.

‘We have attempted to give it an identity that will catch the eye and not conform to what many would consider the traditional image of consulting engineering,’ adds Bush.

The front cover illustration incorporates a range of buildings, employing a ‘Russian Constructivist feel’ as a reference point, comments Hodgkinson, who has worked on architectural projects for the engineering company.

Stuart Briers, the illustrator commissioned for the project, says: ‘Ward Cole stipulated strong primary colours and wanted something which summed up its business.’ Elements of the illustration are used in larger detail on inside pages and act as a counterbalance to the brochure’s photographic images.

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