Decline the free pitch to win more business

I completely agree with Peter Tennent (Letters, DW 14 April) when he says we should not ignore companies who ask us for free work. Decline yes, ignore no.

Maxx is often asked to participate in unpaid speculative pitches and it always declines, being sure to explain to the clients in professional, lengthy detail the many reasons for the consultancy’s refusal to participate.

Sometimes this can be seen as very high-principled, especially when the big boys and girls make such requests of us – a small but ambitious consultancy in Newbury – but our mind is made up.

The truly joyful outcome, however, is when a potential client for whom we have refused to work for free, actually listens to us and then decides to work with us anyway and to pay us for our work.

This is happening more and more frequently and we believe it’s due at least in part to our ability and commitment to educate and persuade the design buyers we meet.

Katrina Ray

Managing director

Maxx Design


Berkshire RG14 5HP

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