Amazon should stick to what it knows best

Even if it is good and cheap, will we buy food from Amazon (Vox Pop, DW 27 April)? It’s about as likely as buying wet fish from a bicycle shop, perhaps, or paint from the bank. Talking of which, the idea sounds a bit ‘Barclays’ to me. And here’s a local opinion, from Laga, our […]

BBC rebrands its media player software

The BBC has rebranded its media player software My BBCPlayer, BBC iPlayer, with a brand identity developed by The Partners. It is also redesigning its website to include more user-generated content.

News in Pictures

Artist James Turrell has created a permanent ‘skyspace’ inside a 19th-century Grade II-listed building in Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The £800 000 James Turrell Deer Shelter opened last weekend and was funded by art charity The Art Fund.

Tender process should be limited to save time

I would like to offer my own exasperations to recent sentiments that have been expressed on tendering, at the lack of thought, the number of questions asked and the amount of samples expected (Letters, DW 20 April). I was asked, recently, for a brief history of my company and then allocated no more than two […]

Smart cards

As Abbey prepares to relaunch its credit cards, David Benady looks at how banks are using eye-catching card designs to attract consumers


Airbus is considering the introduction of standing room only at the back of its aircraft, according to press reports. Is putting passengers in harnesses a step forward in air travel, and what other blue-sky innovations could ‘improve’ the flying experience?Trains, buses and Tubes have offered this option for years, so why not aeroplanes? Standing is […]

Abbey project tests Wolff Olins relationship

Abbey gave signs this week that it could look beyond its relationship with Wolff Olins for the forthcoming redesign of its credit cards. Abbey is yet to appoint designers for the project and will not automatically hand the work to the brand consultancy. According to a spokeswoman for the bank, Abbey has not yet decided […]

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