Dew Gibbons adds wit to Boots

The Boots Natural Collection of toiletries, which has become one of the retailer’s most successful ranges since its launch 15 years ago, has been rebranded by Dew Gibbons.

The consultancy has taken a “natural fun” approach to the  project, aiming to introduce wit to the packaging.

A new product variant, Fruity Foams, was the first product in the range to be tackled.

Packs will feature an umbrella motif on the new labels, used to denote shower usage.

Dew Gibbons creative director Shaun Dew says: “The use of picture association is an effective graphic device designed to draw customers in.

“It demands an element of their participation, it requires them to make the connection, creating a stronger bond than if we had used more obvious imagery.”

The range, which features the work of illustrator Mike Brownfield, will be introduced to stores over the next two months.

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