Lighthouse extends its holdings

Fitch parent group Lighthouse Holdings has this week acquired a privately-owned US design consultancy “to complement Fitch”.

The group in question has not yet been identified, because its staff have not yet been told of the new owners. However, it is expected to be a US-based product design consultancy, which will sit alongside Lighthouse’s two design interests, Fitch and US brand consultancy Primo Angeli.

A Lighthouse spokeswoman confirms plans for a further US acquisition next week. The second deal will complement UK business communications group Financial Dynamics.

“We have three lines of business at the moment: design and development, which includes Fitch; business communications, which includes Financial Dynamics; and marketing services, which on the UK side includes Communicator [a direct marketing agency],” she says.

She adds that Lighthouse is looking to acquire another US company in both the design and business communications sectors, to complement UK interests.

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