Bols mixes with design groups in bottle relaunch

Dutch liqueur brand Bols is celebrating the launch of its redesigned bottle with a series of installations at London’s Great Eastern Hotel.

The reshaped bottle, designed by Flex of Holland, with branding and packaging by FutureBrand, has been moulded into a more ergonomic shape, to make it easier to mix cocktails.

London design group Warm Rain has designed a series of coloured theme rooms inside the Great Eastern hotel to promote the relaunch.

Warm Rain creative director Mark Lawson-Bell says each room consists of a ‘themed scenario or interactive feature’, such as the boxing ring set of its white room, created for pillow fights, and ‘the assassin’s yellow room with attaché case and a telescope, which is trained on a banana skin out in the street below’. There is also a room with a ghost and one where garden gnomes watch TV.

These rooms will be available throughout the year for special guests of the company.

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