Creative Action mans Purely Plasma interiors

Plasma television retailer Purely Plasma opens its first store in the Bluewater shopping centre next week, unveiling a retail format by Creative Action Design.

The consultancy, which sits on Bluewater’s roster of design groups, was appointed to the five-figure job following a two-way credentials pitch in July.

In order to evoke a more ’emotional’ shopping experience than found in competitors’ stores, Creative Action managing director Ian Silverstein created a home environment, using domestic materials such as rugs and tiles. The format was developed in collaboration with Purely Plasma managing director Helen Wrede.

‘I wanted a shop that helps you in the process of choosing a television, so we used the kind of materials that you have in your home,’ Wrede says. ‘There is also a tiny female touch, as I think that many women tend to have the final decision in home interiors.’

The store’s floorspace is just 25m2, but it houses more than 37 screens. ‘[Creative Action] has come up with some very innovative solutions for displaying these TVs in the space.

The flat technology gives a lot of new applications for placing the screens,’ adds Wrede.

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