4 November 2010

Adrian Shaughnessy

Making connections

Good design usually stems from a collaborative approach, so why does our education system continue to fetishise the idea of personal authorship? asks Adrian Shaughnessy


Profile: Lotie

French illustrator Lotie’s floral style, full of leafy branches and birds, is popular with brands seeking a connection with nature. As Garrick Webster discovers, the Sorbonne graduate is inspired by ancient engravings, poetry and dreams


‘WWF given stronger brand identity’ – a clarification

In the interest of setting the record straight, I would like to clarify your recent article on WWF (News, DW 28 October). Arthur Steen Horne Adamson and WWF worked with The Writer to develop the tone of voice. For the new WWF website, ASHA provided brand guidance, not full brand guidelines as stated in the […]

Who says something’s cool? Users, not the brand-owners

The definition of cool that I would really like to understand is that used by Cool Brands (What is cool? www.designweek.co.uk, 19 October) How does it measure coolness? Is its cool the same as my cool – or anyone else’s cool. I don’t think cool is always as ephemeral as Sholto Lindsay-Smith implies, but sometimes […]

Sexism in design – it’s just not natural

I was shocked that Jim Davies, a male copywriter, could make such a sweeping judgment about female designers (Private View, DW 21 October). I would find it far more interesting to hear about the situation from a young female designer’s perspective. ’Women are blessed with a greater sense of proportion,’ Davies asserts – what a […]

Chris Harrison, Creative director, Harrison & Co


The iconic children’s title The Dandy underwent a revamp last week. Who was – or is still – your favourite comic book character, and why?

The Royal  British Legion’s Poppy Appeal 2008 and 2010, created by The Gate

Time after time

Annual charity events such as the Poppy Appeal require hard-hitting new work each year. Tom Banks looks at how consultancies and charities work to achieve this, while maintaining overall brand values


News in pictures

Studio Makkink & Bey has transformed crates into cabinets. The Dutch designer’s Crate Series is on view until 14 January 2011 at Spring Studios in London.

news in pictures

News in pictures

Ross Lovegrove, Ron Arad and James Dyson have contributed postcard-size artworks to the RCA Secret show at the Royal College of Art, which runs from 12-19 November. Each postcard is sold anonymously for £45.


Think Public unveils projects for inter-generational initiative

Think Public has been working on 18 co-design projects across the UK and Portugal as part of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation’s Inter Generation All programme. The consultancy was appointed in November 2009 to provide design support for projects in the Portugal-based charity’s initiative, which aims to establish cross-generational relationships to strengthen communities and foster social […]

together design

Together Design gives a bird in the hand to online luxury crafts boutique Miratis

Together Design has created the identity for new online craft boutique Miratis. The site will sell luxury handmade products from contemporary designer-makers. The consultancy was appointed in July after a two-way credentials-led pitch, and was briefed to create a visual identity that conveyed a ’sense of luxury and intimacy that would appeal to the discerning […]

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