Gadgetshop rebrands but delays relaunch

Gadgetshop this week unveils new branding and packaging while searching for a pitch for an interiors group to implement Arthur Steen Horne Adamson’s blueprints for its retail estate.

The retailer has put back its high street relaunch for up to 18 months in order to conduct the interiors pitch. ‘We have put retail plans on hold because of tough trading conditions,’ admits Stuart Grant, chief executive of Gadgetshop. ‘However, our expertise is in high street retail, and it is part of the plan to relaunch as a store.’

Originally appointed to design a retail concept, ASHA was subsequently invited to rebrand the company and design new packaging. The Gadgetshop name was bought by present owner The Entertainer in May 2005, following the closure of its 65 stores.

Grant says, ‘Unlike when Gadgetshop started up in 1991, there are now lots of other companies doing what we are doing. We hope to compete with the likes of Boys Stuff and Firebox by working our strong and established brand name.’

The redesigned packaging, which features ‘warning colour’ yellow, and blueprint drawings, is rolling out this week. The visual identity includes a pair of protective goggles and the taglines ‘Serious about gadgets’ and ‘The original’.

ASHA partner Marksteen Adamson says, ‘The brand name is the strongest asset of the original Gadgetshop, so that is what we focused on for the relaunch. The toys are all qualitytested by Gadgetshop, so we developed a scientific look with safety glasses.’

All the company stationery contains novelties and gimmicks, with a business card doubling as a moustache, and a compliments slip that can be turned into a pocket hankerchief.

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