Hilton was the highlight of London Design Week

This is a response to last week’s Voxpop (DW 4 October), which asked: what do you think were the unexpected highlights of London Design Week?

I have high expectations of established designers like Matthew Hilton, who had some very exciting new pieces on his stand at 100% Design this year, notably the MH001 armchair and MH020 Thin Table, which somehow mixed a really cool blend of familiarity and warmth, through puritanical, solid hardwood frames that had elegant lines as subtle as brush strokes straight from the designer’s hand, while also projecting the personality of its creator.

Similarly, Aram put on a great show of Artemide lighting. The show not only featured an exciting collection of some of the oldest Artemide designs, but also competition entrants who expressed their modern-day takes on the Anglepoise light (see Review, DW 20 September).

Expectations for Establish & Sons’ launch event were understandably high. The company this year presented a very exciting show that chose to boldly challenge the boundaries of art and design in spectacular form by using selected pieces of its standard collection (made from all types of materials) and realising them painstakingly in solid marble.

One of the most eye-catching pieces was the GRP piece Drift by Amanda Levete, which, with its sweeping, sculptural lines effortlessly translated into white marble.

Rock Galpin, Founder and creative director, Rock Galpin Studio, London E8

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