Employers are letting talent slip away

Having obtained a BA(Hons) in 3D Design (grade 2:1) in July 1996, I was looking forward to applying my skills in the commercial world.

Perhaps there are jobs out there, but not for new entrants! Time and again job advertisements specified a requirement for two years or more experience. Almost one year on, not one of my fellow 3-D graduates have secured permanent employment in the design field. What is particularly disappointing to me is that following the few interviews I have had, with reputable UK companies, requests for feedback have, with one exception, fallen entirely on deaf ears.

The commercial design world must understand that it is allowing new design talent to slip through its fingers. If this country’s leading design companies do not make a conscious effort to nurture this talent it will disappear altogether or be driven to seeking fortune outside the UK.

David Nowell

Bath BA3 1LR

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