Old man is the face of authenticity

For many, the decision to use an old man for a company mascot may seem bizarre. But the case of Sapori D’Italia, a producer of Italian foods distributed to shops and restaurants, is quite different. An illustration of a man well into his eighties is proving an inspired choice as the centrepiece of the company’s inaugural logo.

Although it was established in 1937, Sapori D’Italia is only now addressing the issue of promotion and has set the ball rolling with this new logo, designed by Ian Logan Design Company.

Which brings us to the old man. This, however, is not any old man, but Salvatore Diforti, founder of the company. Quite literally the face of the company, giving the logo a degree of authenticity. The illustration, by Roy Knipe, is based on a photograph of Diforti.

‘We used Salvatore Diforti because he reflects the established nature of the company, an important part of the brief. He is also a very healthy person for his age, so people should come to associate the food with healthy living,’ says Ian Logan Design designer Rita Palmieri who created the logo.

The marque’s supporting line ‘Specialist in Mediterranean food est. 1937’ aims to reinforce the core messages of the brand – its age, authenticity and the nature of the cuisine, says Palmieri.

The new logo will be used on the company’s stationary, signage, uniforms, company vehicles and packaging and will be implemented in the coming months.

It will also feature in a chain of new retail outlets, designed by Ian Logan Design, to be rolled out before the end of the year.

Designer: Ian Logan Design Company

Client: Sapori D’Italia

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